Thursday, 5 January 2017

harrison records gennett and champion collection, rare stuff!

This is a fantastic lp! one I've had a request for, so I thought I'd share it here too. I hope you enjoy it! The track list is from an old issue of Storyville.
Paul Cornelius & His Orchestra
1 Ch 40084 I’ve Found A New Baby
2 Ch 40084 Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia Paul Davis & His Orchestra
3 Ch 16524 Black And Tan Fantasy Henry Lange & His Orchestra
4 Ch 16332 Mood Indigo Ted Smith's Rhythm Aces
5 Ch 16332 Boogie Woogie Johnny Ringer's Rosemont Orchestra
6 Ge 6183 Buffalo Rhythm Bud Ritchie & His Boys
7 Ch 16109 Rockin’ Chair
Side 2
Bud Ritchie & His Boys
1 Ch 16109 Slappin’ The Bass Bob McGowan & His Orchestra
2 Ge 6709 Me And The Man In The Moon Hal Denman & His Orchestra
3 Ch 16533 Bugle Call Rag Pat Dollohan & His Orchestra
4 Ge 6784 True Blue
Carl Fenton & His Orchestra
5 Ge 7013 Steppin’ Along Cliff Perrine & His Orchestra
6 Ge 7214 I Lost My Gal From Memphis
7 Ge 7214 Mysterious Mose


  1. Thank you, Rob - looking forward to giving this a listen... cheers!

  2. Could you re-up this one? Thanks!

    1. seems like dropbox have had a file link change! here's the new link. Stupid thing. Just let me know if you want the rest, they're still there!

    2. That doesn’t work either

  3. Wow man thanks so much!! Going to enjoy this very much!!

  4. website worked, thanks bro.